Cally Festival – Knowledge is Power


Photography by Ayman Ramsey Al-Juzi and Slice of Simplicity.


Thank you to each and every person who visited our “Knowledge is Power” stall yesterday.

Wishes that left on our wishtree were incredibly moving and I hope the day has given some inspiration and motivation.

We are gathering up the wishes as we speak and will be posting responses soon!
If you would like to receive an email when this happens please contact
We will also be publishing a video and photos soon! Some photos and updates will be available on

2013-09-09 20.48.11


Thank you to City Future Fund for funding our project. And a big thank you also to all those who helped make the day possible by volunteering: Emma Bentley, Maya Karia, Ayman Al-Juzi, Ikram Ahmed, Giulio Folino, Natasha Bell and all those volunteering for Cally Fest.

It was a day I know I’ll never forget and I never thought I’d end up meeting so many beautiful people.
To all those I personally met and spoke with I hope our paths cross again sometime soon, keep in touch! 

Peace and Love,

Rima Amin
VP Activities – City University London Students’ Union




We’re super excited be out today with the Cally community celebrating the Cally Festival.

Make sure you visit our stall and make a wish on our Knowledge is Power wish tree.

We will also be giving live updates throughout the day on:
Twitter: @rima246 #paperairplaneproject #callyfest #knowledgeispower

Get in touch!

Here’s some photos showing some of our preparations!

If you are reading this having visited our wishtree, we will be updating this website with responses soon. Thank you for visiting.



Paper Airplanes are taking flight once again. This time they’re sending out the message “Knowledge is Power” at Islington’s local Cally Festival along Caledonian Road!

Cally Festival marks the area’s diversity, culture and trade. Local businesses and organisations will be celebrating together whilst exhibiting their different trades.


This year we will be having our very own “Knowledge is Power” wishtree at our stall funded by City’s Future Fund. Visitors can speak to us about their ambitions and things they wish to learn from flying a kite to learning a language. They can then decorate their own wishtag, writing on it their wishes which will be added to the tree. The wishtree is limitless and has no boundaries on learning – reflecting how our ambitions for learning should be: never-ending.

Once we have collected lots of wishes on the tree we will take a look at them and offer advice for each wish on our blog page which visitors can take a look at. We want to provide a little guidance and direction to motivate people to believe they can achieve and learn anything.

The link to the website will be given on paper airplanes for them to take away and remember why we should continue to strive and learn. As Mahatma Gandhi said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

If you want to be part of the latest paper airplane project and help recognise and push people’s inner ambitions contact:

We’re looking for people to assist in setting up the tree, talk to community and capture the day through camera and video.

Cally Festival has proven to be a lively event with a great atmosphere and we’d love for as many people to part of this rewarding project so get in touch!

Rima Amin, VP Activities & Development

City University London Students’ Union


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