Dear Leslie

I came to find you today. I saw you earlier.  That same spot I’ve seen you before. You looked sad this time around. That’s when I knew I had to come back.  I just know things ain’t good. In retrospect, I was pretty foolish to expect you to just be still there.


But you see, I had an idea… I have this idea. Something that could help. Or maybe not. Maybe you don’t need it. You see, that’s what I needed to talk to you about. Only you could answer this.

I know I can’t control your circumstances or make a huge difference but I think I have an idea of something that could make a tiny difference. Just a small one. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now. I didn’t want to speak about it unless I knew I would do it. You see I don’t make commitments I don’t keep. Tonight something inside told me I could talk to you about it.

But I can’t find you. I pace back an forth amongst the rowdy intoxicated people. I wait a while. I sit with my caramel mac. Was planning on getting you a hot chocolate –   I remembered that’s what happened last time. It’s all a bit strange really.

I can either feel like an idiot in the cold aimlessly. Or use this moment to take some time out for myself. I choose the latter. I people watch. And watch people watch me people watch. This city’s full of madness isn’t it.  I met another homeless guy and chilled with him and his dog for a bit. I wanted to ask if he knew you, but I didn’t want him to make you worried and think someone’s looking for you.

You won’t have seen my face for over a year now. And you won’t remember me. That’s cool, Trust me, I know I’m just some other kid who stopped a few times when they could. But I remember you and wonder how you’re doing every time I cross this street. Cause I see I’m just like you, just with different circumstances. One day I’ll show you this, and you’ll realise the power you have, and the impact you have on people.

As for this “idea”, perhaps it was never to be. Or perhaps it’s a some kind of test. Or, perhaps it’s stupid.  But hey, this one ain’t up to fate, it’s up to you, the next time I see you.

Till then, Peace and Love.


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