Dear “Anthony Marzouk”

Dear “Anthony Marzouk”,

I don’t know who you are. Though I have a suspicion, I don’t know who you are.

You hid behind a false name, a false photo and for four months relentlessly made accusations against me. I had just been elected President and at the time I was trying to gain the confidence and trust of students, you did all you could to destroy that. You questioned the legitimacy, integrity and intentions of my character and the organisation I was about to lead. You posted in every City University London group/page and inhabited the spheres within which I then had to work every day.

You continuously said I discriminate when discrimination is something I try so hard to fight. You said I only cared about power and not students. You called me aggressive. This is not the person I am.
You accused our union of committing injustices and named staff and officers. A union and team I see on a daily basis supporting students and fighting injustice.


You wouldn’t leave me alone. My phone would ping relentlessly. 15 times a night, every few minutes at times you wrote my name and tagged my account for all my networks and City to see. But then, some days you stopped, you left it a week sometimes two. But then you’d return. Your angry words became a norm to me.

You said if I respected students, the University and the Union I would step down or call a re-election. This was your repeated request. But there was no reason for me to do so and I had made commitments to students that I was determined to fulfil. These commitments and other pressing issues took my attention away from you. My respect for students took my energy away from you.

The screenshots you took of my words came from a newsfeed. It tells me you are someone I know, someone in my network. It means we are “friends” on Facebook. It means I probably smile at you when I see you.

I took note of your quieter moments – exam time. It told me that although “Anthony Marzouk” wasn’t a registered City student, it is likely that you are.

I thought about you a lot Anthony. It’s almost as though I became obsessed with you as you were with me. I wondered if you were one of the men who shouted at me as I walked in to university in the days allegations were being made against the Union and University. I wondered if you would attend our annual general meeting to hold me to account. Perhaps you were there, I just don’t know.

That’s was the second request of yours. You wanted for me to hold a public meeting. You said you would be there and speak of your concerns about my legitimacy. I was informed a page had been set up to “Campaign for Rima Amin to step down.” I felt you were watching me, collecting content.

Your account was removed, likely due to people reporting it rather than your own intention. With your account, the page went too. From this point, I knew they were linked and I was wondering if you were still watching, collecting and if you would come back and launch a campaign.

It is not your concerns that I take issue with, but the manner in which you chose to display them. At the time I’m sure many students had questions – with the press and the rest, there was a lot up in the air. I know plenty of people might take issue with who I am, what I stand for and the work that I do: I have haters. But you hid and you harassed. It is weak and something you should not have done.

Accepted or not by you, I have been your President. I am confident and comfortable with who I am, but I sense that you are not and that is why you hide. As your President I want you to know you can meet with me because you should be comfortable approaching me with your concerns confidently in your own name.

Saying that does not excuse your actions and I encourage anyone subject to behaviours like yours to take action and seek accountability. At the time, processes were not in place nor in my favour. But they are now. No-one should behave like you did, but if they do, they will be held accountable.

I have come to the end of my term now. You won’t have to see me as your President – we can have a conversation- one human to another. My offer to meet with you is not politically driven, I don’t need to watch for a campaign. I am leaving and with that I will leave behind my memory of you. Meeting you is a genuine offer. If you meet with me I will not expose who you are but I will tell you why your actions were not ok. I will let you ask what you need to need to ask about me and the union.

It is something that may help you relieve your conscience. Every human has the potential to feel something harsh inside when they know they have done wrong and I’d prefer to think you are a human with questions who pursued them in the wrong way, rather than simply a person who tried to bully me out of my job and was lucky not to feel the repercussions.

It’s up to you, but the offer is there. “Anthony Marzouk” was created solely to intimidate. But there is no animosity from me, only hope that you will realise how you made me feel and never exhibit such behaviour again.

Peace and Love,



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