PHOTOS: London Vigil for Peshawar School Attack Victims

Hundreds joined together in Trafalgar Sq. for a vigil to pay respects to the 148 victims and families of the Peshawar school attack.

As candles were lit, it became difficult to focus. I could hear some starting to get annoyed- annoyed at those acting disrespectfully, annoyed the event wasn’t “political”, annoyed that they didn’t know what was happening.

It was on my way home that I started to question the purpose and impact. In that question itself, I found an answer. It isn’t about what those around us are doing. It is the intentions in our own hearts we need to question – not anyone else’s.

I’m grateful to the organizers for holding this event and giving the opportunity for people to pay their respects. It is a display of humanity. If the people of Pakistan can see that others across the world are holding them in their thoughts and prayers, it may help them- and ultimately that is what matters.

I hope the 148 victims are watching from a peaceful place.


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