Ice Bucket Challenge – For A Different Cause…

I should start my saying my “Ice-bucket challenge” is not to detract away from the work of the ALS charity who have raised an phenomenal amount of awareness and $50 million for the cause. It is to simply use this as an opportunity to raise awareness for brain tumours which are the highest cause of cancer related deaths in 15-24 year olds – something I did not know until I was gifted a book by a girl called Kathy Webb.

The book told the journey of one of her friends, Jessica Hope Gauntley who passed away at the age of 16 from a brain tumour. Her family set up the Jessica Hope Foundation to work with research organisations such as the Brain Tumour Campaign to help combat the disease but also organisations like Headsmart who help people understand the symptoms of a tumour better so if apparent, can be found and treated earlier one – increasing chances of survival.

The book was written by Jessica’s father, and two copies were given to Kathy – one for her to read and one to give to someone who might be able help raise awareness. It means a lot that Kathy chose to share the book with me. This is just a start to raising awareness for the Jessica Hope Foundation and the work they produce.

If you’d like to know more, check out:


Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for:


Thank you to Ross in Bow for taking some time out to help me with the challenge!

Thank you to Sagar for the nomination

I nominate:

Maya Karia,
Ashiv Malde,Maria Jacobsen Zafar,

And of course the sabblings:
Issy Cooke,
Natalia Rajapakse

Peace and Love always.




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