Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

No seriously. Who would you call if you found a problem with your flat at 2am? I ask this because I had this precise problem last night. Luckily I have amazing friends, one of which came over and helped me figure it out! He asked me what my building’s management number was. My response in my head was “Hmmmmmmm, yeah I should probably know this… but I don’t.”

It provoked a few questions that I feel we should all ask ourselves, just incase. Most of these questions we wouldn’t think to ask unless we actually came across a problem.

Where is your electricity fuse box?
Are your fuse switches labelled?
Where is the nearest fire alarm switch?
Where are the fire exits?

Do you know your landlords contact email and number?
Who manages your building? Do you have their number? And an out of hours number for emergencies?

And is all this information accessible to others living in the building?

Tiger and I were on a mission today, and we drew up this list today and stuck it on the communal noticeboard. We decided to include 999 and 101 just incase those who have recently moved to the UK were unaware of them. If you have a communal area or notice board and the numbers aren’t written up clearly, maybe you too could draw up a quick list.

Tiger says: “Once you know your numbers, you can eat cookies worry free.” 🙂


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