Why I cancelled my nap

Around 10 minutes ago I was snuggled up in bed taking a nap. Then a thought came over me. It said I need to make a little more effort than that. I really couldn’t make much of an argument other than “it’s cold out there”, so I bounced back up, and switched the kettle on.

Fatigue in a person who has already slept through the night is fatigue of the mind. If the person accepts, they will inevitably spend part of their life sleeping when they could be doing something worthwhile, something they are passionate about, something more meaningful.

There will always be times were we feel lethargic. Nostalgia, sadness or even a lack of passion for whatever it is we are doing may lead us to feel sleepy. Ultimately the responsibility is ours to remove ourselves from this state and start searching for what keeps us alert and active. And if we’re lucky, those journeys we choose to take may even lead to our happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, naptime is the best. Dreaming too is an important part of our well-being. But not when it’s time has come only because we’re too sad to give ourselves anything meaningful to do.

Disclaimer: This blog does not apply to my babyself. 🙂


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