PHOTOS: One year on: What I miss most from London 2012

One year already since London 2012. Looking back at these photos makes me feel as I did back then: as though the moments were surreal. I was lucky enough to work with a great team of people and lucky enough to witness the events in the stadium and meet some incredible people. Historical moments. I saw Sarah Attar run- the first Saudi woman to compete on the Olympic track. As well as Oscar Pistorius – the first amputee to compete in the Olympics.

The stadium was a place of indescribable atmosphere – a buzz. A place of anticipation and excitement. The Olympic song, Muse – Survive, always managed to heighten this. When that song started to play, you knew something amazing was about to happen.

The most memorable night was the night Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford all took gold for Great Britain. The atmosphere that night was unmatched. The tensest, most silent moment by far, was the seconds leading up to the 100m race where there was speculation as to whether or not Usain would get gold. Of course, he got it.

I could spend some time speaking of the work I did in the stadium, the great people – broadcasting teams, commentators and athletes, I got to meet and see. But I wish to use this time to tell you what I miss most. I miss the positivity. I miss that last year on the tubes, people would talk to one another for no reason what so ever. And be so excited about their day… everyday. Anyone who travels around London on the tube regularly knows that this type of interaction is rare.

Not so long ago I was travelling back to my hometown. Whilst I was on the tube, the girl I was sitting next to noticed my OBS (Olympic Broadcast Service) backpack and started talking to me. It was in that conversation I realised I wasn’t the only one who missed this aspect of London 2012. Part of me hopes that this friendly, polite, kind atmosphere isn’t just a consequence of London 2012 but something that can continue in years to come.

Here are some pictures of my London 2012 memories.


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