Online newsgathering, Illuminati, Media and Truth

Anyone who gathers information online (that’s all of you) should watch this talk on how journalists seek to source online content. Journalism junkies should definitely take a look- you’ll see google maps in a who new light.


I’ve noticed in regards to online content some people who are quick to analyse, deconstruct and discredit mainstream media yet some of these people barely even question random posters online. They have this complex that the “media are liars but yet I’m happy to believe and support in random man in his dark room talking about illuminati taking over the world”.

The reality is these people are not conscious or aware or at all. They simply follow any line taken up against the mainstream rather than seeking truth. There is no purpose in that.

The truly conscious are those who question everything they see. They see the truth in the mainstream. They see the faults in the mainstream. They see the truth in independent media. The see the faults in independent media. Ultimately, for these people it’s neither one or all, but truth and only truth.


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