Rejection and Reflection: My application to Peace Conference of Youth

Since I’m always discussing and writing about the things I manage to get involved in, it’s time I wrote about the things I don’t.

There are two reasons for this…

1: Reflection. I believe reflection of the positive and negative helps our well-being. Though this is conditional- it has to be for a purpose- to develop our minds, bodies and souls. Reflection without aim can be futile.


2. Transparency and truth. In recent months I’ve become more aware of people congratulating me on recent successes- e.g. election and UNITE campaign. This really does make me smile my heart with warmth, motivation and strength but I want people to know about the times I don’t succeed. It wouldn’t be useful, interesting or even fair of me to write about my successful ventures if I don’t write about my unsuccessful ones.

Recently I made an application to go on a Peace Conference of Youth (PCY) in Osaka (Japan) with delegates from across the spectrum. An email stated that 2,300 people applied for 30 spaces. You win some, you lose some. I’m not going to lie, when I first found out how many people applied, I was sad. I knew I wasn’t the most experienced and qualified for the place but it is something I’d genuinely interested in. Instinctive sadness was soon taken over after reflection of both my heart and mind – I realised something exciting! Something to build my aspirations and work-on. If 2,300 people applied for this one event alone, just how many people on a wider scale potentially believe in a world of peace without conflict and depravity?

Take risks – Win. Take risks – Lose. But if you don’t take any risk what do you end up with? – Nothing. Nada. Zilch. And though I may not have achieved what I wanted, I’d feel so much more loss ultimately if I got a place simply because say only a handful of people actually wanted to strive to build peace. If anything, this proves and reaffirms faith that there are so many inspiring people wishing to create change. And there are so many opportunities out there! And where this not, there’s an opportunity to create an opportunity.

To the 2,300 people who applied. Let’s communicate. Let’s collaborate. And especially to the 30 who will be attending the conference – share with us what you gain! Let’s start building relationships and partnerships and inspire one another. And to anyone who’s reading this thinking I want be part of something. Let’s start creating something!

My concluding thoughts match the conclusion of the email sent out by PCY: “we would like to congratulate everyone and let everyone know that even though some of us might not have been selected, we have many friends walking down the same path for World Peace.”

And it is this which fills me with happiness, hope and motivation.

Peace and Love always



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