PHOTO edition: What we must do to end hunger

I dream of the day my child asks: What was starvation? The dream is within reach: we can be the generation to end hunger. But we have to do a few things to get there, simple things…

Over 45,000 went to the “Big If” festival in Hyde Park to encourage the G8 to tackle to hunger problem once and for all. People laid down flowers, the petals of which represented the millions of children across the world who die each year from not having enough food to eat. From an aerial view, the flowers laid showed a pot, inside the pot was food – represented by the flowers laid by the public. This is more than a beautiful creative display, it is a symbol. A symbol of empowerment- a symbol that we the people can do small acts that we take upon ourselves to feed the world, the responsibility falls not only on the G8.

What can we do now?

On average a household in the UK throws out £640 worth of food per year. By stopping ourselves from wasting food we not only help those around us but we save money too.

So how do we do this?
Be more conscious of what you put in your trolley. Check expiry dates and have a rough idea of what you will eat and when.

Find new things to do with your leftovers- you might even surprise yourself with what you can come up with!

Ask for a take-out bag when you can’t finish your food at restaurants – even if there’s not much left, you can eat it as a snack.

Asides from stopping food-waste, you can buy fairtrade products. 70% of the world’s food is produced from smallhold farms. But these farms hold half of the world’s most hungry. Fairtrade ensures that these farmers are paid fairly and are working in safe conditions. You don’t need to change your entire trolley to fairtrade (though that’d be great) but perhaps just switch one or two products you would normally buy. There is lots of fairtrade chocolate and coffee available – treat yourself whilst helping others.

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One thought on “PHOTO edition: What we must do to end hunger

  1. Great idea! I’ve recently been being extra careful with food by only buying what I need and looking at best before dates to make sure I eat things in time. Action Against Hunger sometimes pairs up with other organisations and once they gave 10p to charity for every curry that was bought from the hungryhouse platform. I never need much of a push to buy a curry so this was great for me, haha!

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