Let’s Shake the G8 and feed the world

Right here, right now, you are reading this article using a technological device that’s existence was once deemed impossible. You are living in an age where technology never ceases to blow minds. Mankind continues to exceeds limits – we have mobile applications for almost anything. We can have our grocery shopping delivered to our doorstep at a click of a computer mouse. The technology we have at our disposal is limitless. So why is it in this same world, where possibilities really do appear to be almost endless, we are still struggling to feed so many: two-million people die each year because they do not have enough to eat.

Christian Aid report: Hungry For Justice
Christian Aid report: Hungry For Justice

Of course, that’s slightly naive- there are many complex causes of the food problem: conflict, civil strife, tsunamis, earthquakes, drought etc. But ultimately, food is fundamental for survival and if there is something that can be done (which there is), we need to be doing it. Prioritising the food problem and implementing sustainable solutions is precisely what the organisation “Enough Food If” are campaigning for the G8 to do.

The G8 is compromised of 8 countries which collectively hold a prominent amount of the worlds wealth: 50.1% of 2012 global nominal GDP and 40.9% of global GDP (PPP). The members wealth and influence places them in a position to make significant change. The G8 summit briefing by the campaign contains some recommendations for the G8 to take on board to help tackle starvation.

By holding companies accountable for tax dodging, providing support through aid, demanding transparency from governments and corporations, prioritising crop growth and acknowledging effects of climate change, the food problem can be solved.

So what can we do?

Make some noise!
Support the Enough Food If campaign. The research has been conducted and resolutions found, they just need to be prioritised by those who can make the biggest difference. Tomorrow afternoon in Hyde Park they will be holding a festival – Big IF – a perfect way to raise awareness and learn more.

If you are interested in reading further into the food problem and it’s causes elsewhere, Christian Aid’s report: “Hungry For Justice – Fighting Starvation in an Age of Plenty” is a great place to start.

We are blessed enough to have food to eat – we can make a difference by simply appreciating. Gratitude will stop us from wasting resources. It will help our own mental and physical well being which will naturally encourage us to help others.


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