My Ickle Thoughts – Matilda, Knowledge and Limitations.

matildaMatilda. Seen the film countless times. Read the book too. Her character never ceases to fascinate me. She takes so much negative energy from her personal life, and transfers it into something positive- something magical.

And if we choose, the magic in Matilda can be a metaphor for the great things we can achieve in life if we seek knowledge with an attitude of openness and kindness. Each time we find ourselves thrown to the ground we are granted a choice. We can remain there, let resentment manifest, and watch the world pass us by. Or we can find an escape and bounce- ten times higher and help others up on our way up too.

Pessimists at this point will say – so what, she’s a fictional character, but isn’t that just an excuse – a placement of limitations on ourselves?

“Having power isn’t nearly as important as what you choose to do with it and what Matilda had in mind was nothing short of heroic.”

Whether you learn it from Matilda or Akala, the definition of power is the same: knowledge is power. Seek it. And seek it for a purpose.

Learn about yourself, learn about others. Help yourself, help others.

Little Bitty Pretty One…!


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