#PAP 1: The Cally Fest

#PAP 1; The Cally Festival

London. That place where small town people are overwhelmed by the “City life”. Business men and women talk only when on their phones, too preoccupied to notice other people’s existence even as they run past one another on the tube. Tall bulky buildings of top shot corporations breed robots through their glass doors; the “suited and booted.” But is that a true depiction of what London’s about? The longer I stay in this city the more took the time out to open my eyes to London’s true culture. It’s unique, it’s diverse and it’s inclusive. Cally Fest epitomized this and reminded me community does still exist in London and is as vibrant as ever! We found some incredibly special people here… the ones who are truly reppin’ London without them even knowing it! For them I gave this City a chance.


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