Acts of kindness: A tiny stone.

Caledonian Road tube station. There’s something special. And it’s not that one exit reads: “Holloway prison” whilst the other: “Pentonville prison.” Something beautiful. It has the presence of an artistic spirit who leaves a mark of kindness for those who pass through the station. The kindness comes in little messages written on the “Service Information” whiteboards. I won’t delve into details for I’m saving this for another time.

Today as I was passing through the station, I realised a lady had noticed the messages as I had. It read:

“My lovelies, this day is all yours to keep, to experience… and to own! I hope that at its end you are greeted with satisfaction, comfort and love! Have a wonderful day! Love Kim x x x”

The lady seemed as uplifted by the sentiments left by tube worker Kim as I was. This I’ve not seen before but inside I was feeling glad. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who took the time out to appreciate them.

She noticed I took a snapshot of the message on the white board. We acknowledged each other as we shared a lift with some others waiting to catch the trains on the Piccadilly Line. I wanted to say something to her, but I had my headphones in. It seemed smart to just continue with my journey. It was during the tube journey where I realised I should speak with her; ask her how the message impacted her day. I spent a minute or so contemplating, thinking how silly I’d look moving over to the other side of the carriage. I was shy too. Rarely, if ever do I initiate conversation with strangers, especially on a tube which was awkwardly silent.  

Would I regret not talking to her? Yes. So when the train reached Kings Cross, I stood up, walked to the other side of the carriage and sat next to her. Others sitting on the tube wondered what I was doing, I could tell, but I didn’t care. I introduced myself as a local and a journalist. I told her I noticed she liked the messages Kim left. She gave me her contact details, the business card read that she specialised in acupuncture and reflexogy.

For the next few minutes we spoke how the messages left at the station were so simple, but made such a positive impact on passersby. She mentioned about the artistic aspect of the messages. This is something I’d not realised fully before. She told me how there is so much negativity in this world. I related to her in an instant. Kindness essentially is the most beautiful thing on this earth. It can come in any form, in any place.

As we were speaking she pulled a stone from her bag and handed it to me. It has a beautiful intricate design on the front. On the back it had her contact details again. I told her the stone was pretty. She told me to keep it.


I wonder if there is a deeper meaning to the stone, perhaps in acupuncture terms, spiritually, that is of course if anything. Perhaps it’s just an innovative way to promote her work. I almost missed my stop on the tube. Before I rushed off she told me to call her to finish the conversation. When I phone I’ll ask her if there is a spiritual meaning behind the stone.

But till then, it is a reminder to me. It is reminder of the kindness at Caledonian Road. And a reminder of the compassion and understanding of those who take the time to see witness it’s beauty. As is everyday, today was a blessed day. But thanks to the messages left at Caledonian Road, and the encounter I had, my day reached a new level of completeness and for that I am thankful


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