VIDEO: Kony 2012 fails but there is a silver lining…

10pm. Freezing cold. The outskirts of Trafalgar Square are full of wasted posters, empty alcohol bottles and more trash. Drunk people. Screaming. It was worse than I thought it would be.

Kony 2012 was always set to be a flop. People realised the flaws within Invisible Children’s campaign, not to mention the buzz that surrounded the film’s original release simply fading.

So why did I go? I was convinced that amongst the jokers there would be one or two people who truly wanted to make a positive difference to this world.

But after speaking to a couple of people I thought maybe I was mistaken. I picked up a caramel latte to fight away the cold, and continued to look for anything that would make this trip worthwhile.

A young girl holding a bunch of posters walked near to the wall I was sitting on. She placed a poster on the wall and patted it several times just to make sure it stuck. This young girl clearly meant business. At this point I smiled and my French flatmate who I dragged with me could see this. He encouraged me to interview her. So I did.

I found what I was looking for. An newly inspired young person with the right intentions.

“I just wanted to help even if I get just one person to look at the website, it’ll still be one person that finds out”

I wonder why people feel the need to shut people like her down?

It is easy to ridicule and call them stupid for campaigning for something they have not researched fully but we should recongnize this young girl actually took her evening out to stand up for something.

People like her, with the right guidance, can seek and bring justice to this world.

Never ridicule someone with good intentions. On second thoughts, don’t ridicule at all.

Let us encourage these newly motivated activists to research and look at alternative ways to tackle the issues we face. Let them not be discouraged by the criticisms.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, this is truly the only viable silver lining to Kony 2012. It’s all we got. Take it.

Peace and Love


One thought on “VIDEO: Kony 2012 fails but there is a silver lining…

  1. Interesting stuff Rima, i see your prediction wasn’t far off at all!
    And props to the kid for doing something, her intentions are pure and shes done more than most have.

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