Let me tell you a little secret…

For some reason people have this idea that I’m a strong person. I have no idea know why. Because the truth is I’m not.

I sometimes make bad decisions based on instinct but not my head. I often land myself in trouble. So I make decisions with my head, but it never feels right and I refuse to ever live that way. It’s a constant cycle. I’m so often lost and generally speaking in a big silly unorganised kerfuffle.

But you see, when no-one understands your weaknesses, not even those close to you, you are forced to just carry on and be that strong person they believe you are, because ultimately that is what you should be. It becomes so hard at times.

This post is not about me, it is about a video. I’ve kept this a little secret, but from time to time, when I feel a little down, and confused (yes, I know that’s alot), I watch it.

It gives me hope. And it is time I shared it with you because maybe, just maybe it will help you the way it helped me.

So here it is,

I can’t describe it. It blows my mind. It reminds me of the why we must carry on and regain strength by watching the people that make the world a beautiful place.

I pray that one day I could be like this. The concept is so simple, so kind, so innocent. To be pure of heart and give hope to those who need it, and to make people smile when they have so many reasons to be sad… it is breathtaking.

The truth is, we can all do it. And we should, we’ve just got to give ourselves the chance.

“They teach me to be humble, to be resilient, to look past the little things in life, the things you might look at and let get you down”

Peace and Love


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