The world is shocked: WHITNEY HOUSTON

ABC News Los Angeles has confirmed that superstar Whitney Houston, 48, has died. The cause of death is yet to be announced.

Social networking sites twitter and facebook are overwhelmed with shocked fans posting status’s such as: “Whitney Houston is dead :O”

Is it not strange how a person in the public eye only gets sympathy when they are dead? Why it is about death that fascinates people? Her drug abuse caused many of her fans to turn away, whilst the media stood back and criticized. It is the shock factor, perhaps regret that we couldn’t’ve done more. But it seems we do not learn from these saddening times. Just last year we found ourselves in a similar position with the death of Amy Winehouse.

They speak of scandal, but these are real people, with real lives, dealing with real problems, just like everyone else. They may receive more attention, but do they receive the true support they need? I doubt it.

Perhaps what’s most haunting is the fact that just three hours ago there were reports of her possibly making a career comeback as a new x-factor judge. Flashbacks of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his “This is it” tour come to mind.

It really is mysterious how the world works. One extreme to another. Only God knows why.

May Whitney Houston Forever Rest in Peace.


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