EXCLUSIVE Video: Julian Assange speaks of 287 new leaked files.

92_AMESYS-Annakoa [Click for full]

Spyfile #92:
This is the Eagle system was sold to Gaddafi by Amesys in 2007. Here is it’s manual of 2009. It’s creation and purpose is to spy on criminals and terrorists but Gaddafi used it to spy on political opponents. 2nd on this list is Jeffrey Smele, a British lawyer. Gadaffi used this equipment to spy not only on his own people but those abroad including two US officials. Internation mass surveillance systems create profit of millions whilst putting people’s privacy and lives at risk. The software Jacob Appelbaum is referring to which allows users to surf the internet with geographical anonymity is called the “Tor Project”.

More documents regarding companies such as Amesys can be found at http://www.wikileaks.org/spyfiles and more details about Amesys can be found at http://owni.eu/2011/09/12/a-guide-to-libyas-surveillance-network/


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