My Tram Experience: WAKE UP CALL

It seems somewhat astounding that I even have to identify exactly why this woman’s behaviour is disgraceful. Social networks have been overwhelmed with many condemning the malicious words of this woman who has now been identified as Emma West however it appears as though West has a strong support base behind her.

Take a look at this:   Emma West. Truth or Racial Harassment?  
“Again Emma is looking around at our nightmare – everyone around her was Black or Brown.”

This article keeps referring to Black and Brown people as “colonisers”.  Had “The British Resistance” any understanding of the BRITISH empire, SURELY they’d have some understanding of why people have immigrated to this country right? Apparently not. They also cannot see the benefits brought along by migration. That’s both immigration and emigration; yes, people leave this country too.

The truth is, the behaviour expelled by West can be seen almost everyday. What about them tram journeys we don’t film? Would West be held to account if somebody did not capture this footage or would everyone just go home and forget about this? Look at the girl who barely notices what is happening. Would they just put it down to some uneducated woman on a train?

And that is exactly what this is; a lack of education. A hostile media, who demonize, place fault and blame upon those immigrating to this country for the countries problems. This media industry’s influence allows those who wish not to take shared responsibility for the countries problems to adopt a xenophobic viewpoint which leads to racist. Therefore the most shocking part of this footage, is not the etiquette (or should I say lack of) exhibited by West but the fact that she GENUINELY believes in what she is saying. “’No, someone’s got to talk up” she says.

Note how the Black woman who speaks to West says “Excuse me dear there is little kids on the tram”. She does not immediately challenge West’s views. Why not? I’m not directing this at the woman, for I understand, I just wish to make clear that this behaviour appears to be initially accepted.

And it is accepted every time organisations such as the EDL (English Defence League) start marching through towns and cities exhibiting nothing less than West’s behaviour. Criminal damage, drunken behaviour, racist chants all ignored. Why do we not hold them to account too? It has been too long that we have put it down to just a bunch of drunken hooligans. When the EDL went to Luton in February this year, every business closed. How’s that for economical damage? Or will they blame immigrants for that too?

Masked members of the EDL in Luton (February 2011)

And what happens if we don’t hold people like this to account. What if we allow them to continue exhibiting racism and xenophobia for too long? Look at West, she is a mother. What will become of her child? What is in store for the next generation? It gives me some hope that both a white woman and a black woman stood up to West. But we have waited too long. We live in the 21st century.

Yet the people in UK are subjected to this. What about the young black kids on the tram? Were they scared? Why must they be made to feel inferior, as though they have done something wrong for merely existing?

It does not matter if you are Black or White. We all have strong hearts and strong minds. Together we can stop racism and xenophobia. Please use your voice and stand up for what has been going on for far too long.

Peace and Love.


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