Top 10 pictures from the National Demonstration Against Fees and Cuts!

Straight to the point.

 Oh My. It appears as though even the big shot men in suits want to capture this!


 Can definitely picture this one the front page of a tabloid! “Student protest leads to violence”, Oh wait, this was a peaceful protest! No rubber bullets necessary!


 And they are ready to roll.


 I could write an entire blogpost on this picture alone, I best just let it be… for now.

 There is always one idiot who thinks this is cool. Do this dude realise that he’s burning the placards that actually support the cause?

 The sheer scale of these protests is simply breathtaking. You cannot capture it in just one shot. You have to be there. But this picture might give a little taste. I had to climb up the side of offices, very high up to grab this shot.


This is one intimidating beast! But I think he’s secretely a cutie! 

That bridge you see, it has London workers who have come out to watch the protest. Do they judge us? But I see them clapping. Cheering. Taking pictures. Do they support us? Or are we just a spectacle? Just a show? Just their entertainment for the day? Most importantly, will they join us?

 Enough said.


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