“Reckless or just naive? The mothers who insist on giving birth on their own”

This is the title of a Daily mail story posted today. Whilst scrolling down to see how long it was, I noticed the words placenta, blood and haemorrhaging. Admittidely this was enough to make me not read this. There are just some details I did not want to know about.

Back to the initial question however, it is not reckless or irresponsible providing the woman knows what she is doing.  Giving birth is natural and the real irresponsibilty lies with the fact that we are medicalising something of which is supposed to be natural. 

It is surely wrong that the women in our society are dependent on the NHS. It is scary that they have no knowledge whatsoever of how to deliver their own baby. If a woman was to break her waters and start having her baby, and I was the only one around I would panic almost as much as she would! However, if this was to happen in a country of which does not have the medical help available, midwives and such, the people would know exactly what to do. We should at least educate people on such things, after all, it will happen to most of us one day.

Another point, let’s face it, how much longer can we really depend on this NHS the way it’s going. If we had enough money and time there would be no harm. But can we afford to allow women to have so much medical treatment for something which isn’t actually an illness? Especially in a society where healthcare and education should be focussed on the ideology taken up by some 12 year olds: the ones running around thinking it’s cool to drink, take drugs and trade STI’s as though they were Pokemon cards.

Saying all of this however, there are exceptions. This includes complicated births: [this is where the quote about haemorrhaging would come in if I had the guts to read it]. Anyone at risk of having a complicated birth would be irresponsible not to get help.

One last thing, it’s fine for me to say all this, but when it comes down to it, if I was expecting a child, I would want the healthcare available. I would not take the risk, even to prove a point.


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