Facing a possible injunction to evict them how are the Occupy London protestors feeling?

Since Friday’s forced closure of St Pauls Cathedral causing losses of up to £20,000 in revenue per day, intensity rises for the occupy London movement. The Cathedral are currently seeking legal action to remove the protestors.

Today I visited the site in which over 200 tents have been set up and spoke to some of those protesting. The members I spoke were from Anonymous UK and had been there since occupation began on Saturday the 15th October.  I asked them what there aim was in protesting. One member told me: “we feel there is a general sense of injustice with the current system… ultimately we want to see a change”.  Another member added, “A better change than Obama”. I asked them if they were afraid of being evicted, they replied “We doubt it will happen as this area belongs to many different people… it will be hard for them to evict us.. but we will sit on our bags till we’re forced to leave”.

Two members from Anonymous UK

Despite the chilly weather, there seemed to be a warm friendly vibe amongst the people who were protesting outside the cathedral. Musicians performed whilst others gathered amongst the steps. One protestor told me “I met someone a few days ago, but it seems like I’ve known them for a long time.”

The sense community in the city of London is rare but accomplished by those occupying London who also displayed an interesting array of anti-capitalist artwork. However it is debateable as to whether or not they will succeed in the “real change” they are looking for or withstand the measures the church will take to evict them. Kudos on them for trying. You can never falter those who try for what they believe in. Even if what they are believe in differs from your personal beliefs. 


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