Tony the Sony is finally happy he’s not a Blackberry

I guess this post coincides with a point I made the other day- dependence on technology. Looking merely at my facebook newsfeed I can see that the crash of the Blackberry service has sent people into a state of confusion and anger.

 This is where my Tony the Sony comes in.Tony is a very simple minded piece of technology. An old w995, I definitely wouldn’t define Tony as a “smartphone”, but he gets by. He sadly gets ridiculed by friends of mine who wish me to be rid of him because he is not smart like the other phones out there. But today is a victory for Tony. Today his simplicity is appreciated as he has not crashed like his intimidating BB friends. He is happy with who he is and takes pride in his capabilities even though the may be basic.

Okay, I am aware this post is verging on insanity. I have actually gone to the extent of personifying my phone. The truth is, my phone is a nightmare and needs replacing. But the point of all this silliness was to remind people that it’s not the end of the world that the Blackberry service is down. Do not be dependent on technology. And most importantly, try and have a little fun in spite of all of lifes throwbacks.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves”



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