It can be done at 106.

106 years old, Hetty Bowers spoke to the crowds that protested in Trafalgar Square today against the war that has been raging in Afghanistan for 10 years. Hetty owes the world nothing. After witnessing two world wars, she deserves to take comfort in her home secure in knowing that she no longer faces the world of war at her doorstep. But she doesn’t. She’s out on the street making a stand against wars that our country is causing. Why? It is because she knows how the civilians in Afghanistan feel. Being only 9 years old when WW1 began, she knows how the children feel. She knows what it feels like to have your country torn apart. Most of all, she knows the value of peace.

Despite not remembering much of her speech Hetty had the most profound impact. Knowing that she is 106 years old and still fighting is truly inspiring. We must realize that we should never stop fighting. No matter how old we may be. If Hetty can make the time and effort to campaign for peace what excuse do the rest of us have?


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