Technology could not save him

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away today. Only 56 years old, it seems crazy to me that the man who invented some of the most advanced, sweeping technology died at such a young age.

Just today in a lecture we learnt about cloud technology and how it allows us to store all our data, friends and colleagues contact details etc. Apple is definitely the company to have swept the world. Who in our society has not heard of an iPad or an iPhone?

I wonder if I’m the only one who is scared by all this. Don’t get me wrong, each and everyday new technology amazes me. But are we neglecting our own minds by storing everything in technology? iPhone applications which tell us the direction to go when we are lost is great. But if we constantly use such applications, we don’t feel the need to use our brain. It becomes less stimulated. The real threat comes when we reach a point where the human race is dependent on technology.

We have to think about what will remain if all technology malfunctioned one day. Strange as it seems, it is not entirely impossible. Remember the Millennium bug scare? No-one knew what would happen. We were lucky that time.

The final point I wish to make is how the man who managed to create some of the most advanced technology could not be saved by the technology available to cure cancer. This technology cannot save us. It did not save him. I don’t want to delve into this too much, but I’m sure you understand the point I’m trying to make.


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