The beauty of the Freedom of Speech…

The freedom of speech truly embraces the meaning of the word “freedom”. In theory allows us to speak out about the things we love in life but more importantly allows us to fight against injustices. It is a sacred blessing. And for that we must protect it always.

But what happens when the freedom becomes the dominant tool used to spread fear and h-te? Organisations like the English Defence League (EDL) march through the country with the proclamation “we want all Muslims to hide in their houses”. They leave pig’s head’s on the doorsteps of Mosques. Why bring divisions and violence to our streets? To respond with “because it is my right to do so” is quite frankly pathetic.

If people corrupt such a beautiful freedom, dare I ask, do they really deserve to have it? Are they responsible enough? I used to think that the freedom of speech would allow these idiots to expose themselves. But often it allows them to expand. And that is dangerous.

I strangely pity people find humour in offending others. Why exercise the freedom of speech only to offend millions of people? The Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed… well, the cartoons were not funny. They were a mockery; a mockery the author himself. Does he have no morals? No shame? I wish not to judge him but his actions sadden me. And the same goes out to all those pathetic facebook groups “Dressing up like bacon and chasing Muslims down the street”. Moronic in my opinion.

Censorship is seen as the hallmark of an authoritarian regime but with the freedom of speech, our society is controlled by fear. There is fear of those demonized by our free Press. The groups demonized are attacked, persecuted. Those who witness can do nothing as there is fear they will be accused of denying freedom and surely labelled a “communist”.

So what is the solution? Censorship? No. As I said before, the freedom to speak freely without censorship is beautiful, a sacred blessing. We must protect it by making sure people don’t abuse it. How? By reminding people of the importance of common courtesy, the rewards of kindness and the beauty of learning about people who are different to us. It’s that simple. Peace and Love.


2 thoughts on “The beauty of the Freedom of Speech…

  1. Sorry but freedom of speech protects all. That’s the beauty of this country. If we start to control it – our country is no longer free.

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