Quick Fixes: Riots, Media, Libya.

Hundreds of flowers lie in memory of Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali, Abdul Musavir

Just a week ago hundreds of flowers lay in Dudley Road, Birmingham, in memory of Haroon Jahan, Shazad Ali, Abdul Musavir. Beautiful to think so many paid tribute to these three young men who were killed defending their community. But what happens when the flowers become wiltered? What will become of these men’s families? I recollect Tariq Jahan, father of one of the men saying: “A day from now, maybe two days from now, the whole world will forget and nobody will care”.

And it is true. The media will forget. And with that, the rest of the world will move on too. Naturally, the world has to move forward. But how often do we take the lessons with us? Almost never. And that I’m afraid, is not moving forward.

A few weeks ago, the streets of London were ablaze. Convictions and evictions are the consequences. But what happened to dealing with the cause: the lack of morals and principals held by those who can loot without a conscience. And what becomes of police brutality, social inequality? Or the impact of police cuts? No-one cares anymore.

I actually wonder if anyone’s still reading this. Yesterday’s news and all that. Well if you’re still reading, I just want to say our society revolves around quick fixes. But quick fixes don’t work! Once the media spotlight is taken away nothing changes. It is just hidden. The people who suffer can feel it still there, they feel neglected.

Let me bring it back to today. So the mainstream media and social networks are rejoicing for the fall (or should I say disappearance) of Gaddafi’s regime in Libya. What will happen in the weeks to come when the media lose interest? The rebels of Libya have major divisions. They were only united in their wish to see the demise of Gaddafi. But will they be able to form a structured “democratic” government? And who will inherit Libya’s oil? Restart refineries, control export? Over 1300 is the number of people killed in Libya over the past 24 hours. I just think maybe it is a little too soon to celebrate, wait, keep watching, till there is peace.

Balloons read "Rest in Peace"


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