London Riots- Enough is enough!

Somebody please tell me how rioting, burning down buildings, stealing from shops solves the problem of inequality and poverty? Or how it helps instigate a full inquiry into Mark Duggan’s death? Also what on earth are the people in Birmingham doing?!

It actually shocks me. Do people really think this government is going to turn around and provide for these people now? The fact is, even if the government now wanted to and could see what poor people face each day, how it drives the to crime, how could they explain funding this and the damage costs to the taxpayers who have not caused it? They will be accused of giving in to criminal damage and burglary in the same way someone may give into a terrorist holding someone hostage.

Burning down London does not solve the problem. I support the police in putting down the riots for the sakes of the families who are being left homeless. I despise the fact that people are opposing my decision to support the police because the wrongs that they have committed. I support good actions as I denounce bad ones. It is that simple. I refuse to support the riots despite the fact that I support the fight for justice and equality. To me, the two things do no go hand in hand.

Mahatma Gandhi saw the strength of symbolism. He created unity and formed a strong peaceful movement. He once said “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
Right now it feels like the whole world is blind. I hope people will start to see the light soon.


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