Tottenham Riots- Seek justice but play by the rules.

So it appears as though a launch of a “major investigation” is the outcome of the events of the past 24hours in Tottenham. Unfortunately it is not the investigation into the death of Mark Duggan but into the rioting, looting and burning of London.

My understanding is Mr Duggan was shot after firing at police. However, this understanding was under the most ghastly bias of the Sun who I personally think will demonize anyone who’s skin is darker than a latté.

My further understanding is that Mr Duggan may not have fired at police at all though an illegal firearm was obtained at the scene. There is definitely a lack of clarity in the entire story. Whatever happened there are countless numbers of Black people who have faced brutality and this needs to be looked into.

So, protestors took to the streets. The protests turned into riots. Surely the aim of the protests is to make sure a full inquiry is carried out over Mr Duggans death? Burning buildings, looting, it achieves nothing. It costs money to pay for broken windows. That money should be spent on perhaps formulating a better justice system.

What I’m saying is, we are smarter than this! You have to play by the rules of the game to win the game. Seek justice by knowing them inside out, know your rights, and no-one can falter you. Not even the most viscous mediators. PEACE!


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