EDL must be defined as an extremist organisation or face humiliation in Tower Hamlets

Masked members of the EDL in Luton (February 2011)

3rd September 2011. Mark that date in your diary. It will be the day we must all stand up against the “English Defence League” (EDL) in Tower Hamlets if this government stay silent and refuse to classify the EDL as an extremist organisation.

Maybe even a terrorist organisation. The dictionary defines terrorism as: “The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims”.

Is marching through towns and cities telling Muslims to “hide in their homes” extreme enough? Cutting off pigs heads and leaving it outside Mosques? Actions taken clearly with the aim to intimidate and insult Muslims. Instilling fear is the only tool they have. What about ripping hijabs off women? Is that extreme enough? I know I’m not the only one shocked and terrified by the fact that they can act like this. So why do they get away with it?

But it is time communities stood up against the EDL. How much longer will people ignore them, brand them as “just a bunch of hooligans”?

It has become too far when the organisation is affiliated with the likes of Anders Breivik, the terrorist responsible for the Norway attacks on the 22nd July. Links have been made between Breivik and the EDL, sharing of ideologies online, expressing adoration for the organisation. If the ideologies that led Breivik to commit the Norway attacks is the same ideology which form the foundations of the EDL, there is a clear problem that needs to be addressed!

If a Muslim had carried out the attacks, would it be classed as an “isolated incident”. No it would not. He or she would have links to an “Islamist” terrorist organisation, and action would be taken against that group.

If this government allows the EDL to march in Tower Hamlets, it will bring the greatest shame to those in power. They will not be the ones we call our leaders. Our leaders will be those of the communities who will stand in Tower Hamlets on the 3rd of September. They will not hide in their houses nor be silenced. They will unite.

Communities unite at public meeting: "No place for hate" at London Muslim Centre, 29/07/2011

There is great strength in communities. The public meeting held at London Muslim Centre last Friday: “No Place for Hate” showed this. There were not just Muslims there. There were people of all faiths and ages prepared to stand up against hatred. These same people will be there will be standing there in September. I ask for you to join them. The EDL have attempted to march in Tower Hamlets before and have been humiliated. They will be humiliated if they try once more.


One thought on “EDL must be defined as an extremist organisation or face humiliation in Tower Hamlets

  1. the problem were witnessing is exactly what the wealthy polite silent right-wing politically motivated elite want,they want things to come to ahead,they could force or justify their ideological agendas upon us all in regards to immigration.it’s what i call reverse psychology ploy.DIVIDE,RULE & conQUER comes to mind,i’ll remind you of various euro leaDERS who jumped on the knee jerk multiculturalism speeches stating it dosen’t work,with no thought of the backlash fuelled by their misguided comments

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