Rape- A Weapon of War

To rape a woman whilst pointing weapons at her terrified children being made to watch. This is the daily reality of conflicts in the Congo and Kashmir.

Rape used to humiliate anothers community? To insult a husband’s role to protect his wife? To mark claim over land they fight by putting a dirty mark on the woman who has built her home there? That is not a war.

It is no longer about land or politics. It is about humanity. For the future of the woman being assaulted, but the man who assaults her. Where is the human in him? I cannot find it. I never will. He is a Demon.

Bringing evil into the world is his only achievement. Killing life his other.

He strips a woman of her dignity whilst he strips her clothes. His dignity too, cannot exist. But pride remains. A sinful pride. Fear remains in the hearts of women and children. It remains in the hearts of their husbands too afraid to leave them alone unprotected in their own home. What is there to be proud of?

I see two types of death. The death of the physical, the body. We will all experience this. But there is a worse death. The death of the soul, heart and hope. When women are used as a “weapon of war”, this death is instilled the eyes of the living. There can be no hope.

What is left? These women violated become rejected from their own communities as though they are the demon. They become “tainted”, untouchable. The husbands who aren’t killed trying to save her, leave her. They refuse to eat the food prepared by a woman raped by another man. That man is not honourable. He is a coward.

This is new to me, despite it being reality for years. I had not heard of the plight of women as weapons of war. It is not on the news agenda. I could not find a figure how many women this has happened to. But whether it’s 100 or 100,000 is irrelevant surely? No woman should be subjected to this.

Nothing will be done for these women. The rest of the world sees no prize in helping them. No oil in these countries. I thought compassion, decency and respect would be enough to provoke action. So where is it? Perhaps it’s time to question the human within ourselves.


One thought on “Rape- A Weapon of War

  1. I question whether there can be any ‘worse death’ than death. If these women have no hope following the abuse they suffer, then that is because their cultures are deficient in compassion for victims of sexual violence and their societies are deficient in institutions and services for providing care and counseling for women who have been raped.

    There are a few documentaries and articles looking at why men rape. Particularly with regards to the South African context, where more women are raped than in any other country. Rapists are just as human as you and me; do not delude or comfort yourself by wrapping yourself in your outrage and labeling such men ‘demons’ – not if you want to better understand why it happens and how best to reduce its prevalence.

    You deserve respect for writing about this subject and for putting your feelings on it to words while raising awareness.

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