Mysteries of Muesli

So I wake this morning, pour some muesli into my breakfast bowl, give it a splash of milk, grab a spoon, make my cup of coffee (standard!) and head back to my room. Sitting in my room, eating breakfast is when it hit me: I have the whole world in my bowl.

Muesli metaphorically provides an insight to the world in which we live! I’m going to leave this open to interpretation but the way I see it, each ingredient of muesli is unique. They all appear differently, some more aesthetically pleasing than others. They all position themselves differently within my bowl, some choosing to clump with others of their own kind (yes we all know I’m talking about those raisins!). They all have different backgrounds, different upbringings, and different roots. But to put it simply, they are all in the same place they’ll all reach the same destination.

Yes it is true that I am being a little simple here, and perhaps they don’t all share the same destination. It’s undeniable that half my muesli could potentially end up on the floor if I’m not careful. Nonetheless the principle remains. Everything that differentiates each piece of my muesli can be seen to be trivial. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with individualism. To stand out from the crowd is always a good thing. But even so, if you chose to stand out, remember that you are still part of the crowd. The right to serve oneself and excel on a personal level remains. It’s when you forget those around you that you begin to stand out for the wrong reasons.

I sometimes wonder if this ignorance is why poverty exists in this world. Capitalism encourages gain of an individual. That is no bad thing and I would never deny that striving to be the best is something that we should all aim to do. But remember the virtue of one comes at the cost of another. Where does the balance fall? When are there are people in this world who have enough water to fill their seven swimming pools yet there are people in the same world struggling to find enough water to survive, there is no balance.

I guess if I had the chance to say one thing all the different pieces of fruit, nut, wheat, oat and barley flakes floating around in my bowl, I would remind them that we came into the world empty handed and we leave this world empty handed. And perhaps before I scoop them up with my spoon, they might leave something special for those who are left sitting in the bowl of which they were once part of.

As interesting as muesli is, I think I’ll have Cheerios tomorrow.


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