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  1. What would you wish for? 55 wishes revealed at Cally Fest!

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    September 15, 2013 by Rima Amin


    Here are the wishes we collected at Cally Festival! I may not have been able to solve wishes but the …
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Each day this week I've been walking into work watching Ahlul-Bayt society on campus collect food from students for charity. They managed to get three wheely bins full! #inspired #charity #faith This poster was found in #Angel N1 despite the dog being stolen on Marylebone. This dog clearly means the world to this person... So saddening that someone would actually steal a dog! 
Hope this little one gets found safe and sound.

#London Today was spent @culsuGD listening to lots of City students pitch ideas of how to make the University and the local community a more sustainable place. 
There were some incredibly creative ideas brought forward -This project is yet another reminder of why I heart City students! 
Watch www.green-dragons.co.uk for more info on the projects we're supporting soon! 
#environment #enterprise Work. #writeup #trustees #strategy #weekend #development #determination #flipchart East London. #street #art @TFLtravelalerts Traffic lights at the crossing near Bethnal Green Rd don't work. Traffic still going through.

What is #PAP: Paper Airplane Project?

#PAP 1: The Cally Fest!

#PAP2: International Peace Day!


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